3D Printed Armor for Your Cat!

//3D Printed Armor for Your Cat!

3D Printed Armor for Your Cat!

3D Printing is all the rage these days, and a printer of your own can be bought or built for as little as $300. But once you have your 3D printer, what on earth can you use it for? Well, designer Jwall of ‘PRINT THAT THING’ on YouTube had a great idea; to build a perfect set of 3D printed battle armor for the lucky cat Bobo!

After sketching out the initial pattern and receiving Bobo’s approval, Jwall started the laborious process of designing the armor piece by piece using 3D modelling programs. This procedure must have taken weeks to complete, and you can clearly see the level of detail that went into the video. This is some pretty impressive kitty armor to say the least! Complete with back spikes on the armor plating, and even a skull detail on the chest for a name tag to hang from. Of course, no detail can be over looked when you are making battle armor for your cat!

In the end, Bobo seems quite at home outside in his 3D printed battle armor; ready to battle his foes both fully protected and in style. If you are interested in a full set of battle armor for your cat as well, then you are in luck! Print That Thing actually sells a fully finished and ready to be worn set, just as you see in the above video, for $399. That is some pretty expensive armor! Alternatively, if you happen to already have a 3D printer of your own, you can download the files for free at Thingiverse.

Would you buy your cat battle armor? What style of armor do you think your cat would enjoy? Tell us in the comments below; we would love to hear about your battle cat!

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